The investment team at GRÜN Software Group combines expertise in software entrepreneurship with financial know-how and access to capital.

Investment team of the GRÜN Software Group

Oliver Grün, PhD. represents as Chairman of the Management Board of GRÜN Software Group GmbH at the same time also the majority shares held by him. Prof. Dr. Rainer Lauterbach and Fabian Durst support them GRÜN Group of companies in the Buy & Build strategy with their corporate finance expertise and also take into account the sustainable investment perspective of the Fontas and Mogk family offices, which as shareholders through the GRÜN Capital GmbH also in the GRÜN Software Group are anchored. Due to the financial strength of the invested family offices, there is a capital stock as a basis for larger transaction volumes.

Oliver Grün, PhD.

30 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur in the software market

Expertise for buy & build strategy:
  • Founder, CEO and majority shareholder of GRÜN Software Group GmbH.
  • Operational integration of add-on acquisitions (Smart Enterprises)
  • Development of successful incentive structures: Entrepreneurs in company models
  • Management of the group of companies
Prof. Dr. Rainer Lauterbach

Prof. Dr. Rainer Lauterbach

25 years of experience in corporate investments and in the software business

Expertise for buy & build strategy:
  • Consultant and managing director of GRÜN Capital Ltd
  • International professional experience in the software business
  • Sourcing and acquisition of proprietary software companies that fit the buy-and-build strategy
  • Strategy, governance and business development of corporate investments
  • Many years of experience with private equity investments for family offices
Fabian Durst, LL.M.

Fabian Durst, LL.M.

15 years of experience in investment banking, M&A and private equity

Expertise for buy & build strategy:
  • Consultant and managing director of GRÜN Capital Ltd
  • Over 15 years of professional experience in corporate finance and private equity investments
  • Due diligence and execution of transactions with a focus on SMEs and technology companies
  • Experience in business valuation, capital raising, transaction structures

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