Leading buy-and-build software group

GRÜN strives for sustainable growth on the basis of entrepreneurial action. We combine expertise in software entrepreneurship and investments with sustainable value enhancement.

Combine success goals and value profiles

Together with all companies of the GRÜN Software Group we are an owner-managed group of companies with expertise in the development of software companies, investments and sustainable value enhancement. We combine success goals and value profiles based on a family and partnership culture, mutual appreciation and transparency.

We pursue our common goals for our customers Company profile the group.

Digital ecosystem creates synergies

According to the principle of a medium-sized network, the companies remain the GRÜN Software Group independent and self-sufficient on the market with their own software solutions, each bundled in one platform.

As a software group, however, all solutions from all companies form the GRÜN Software Group together one digital ecosystem and commit to interoperability through open data interfaces. This creates the power of an umbrella brand GRÜN with the security for the end customer, a data exchange between GRÜN To be able to take advantage of solutions from all industries and segments. Further synergies between all companies in the field of marketing, finance and resources strengthen the individual companies while maintaining their independence.

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