GRÜN Software Group30.06.2023

GQM is now called GRÜN GQM

The MES software manufacturer GQM became the GRÜN GQM GmbH renamed. dr Johannes Schraml is the new CEO and managing director, complemented by three new authorized signatories. Location in Landshut and all known contact persons remain the same.

Landshut, 30.06.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX. The GQM Group, a leading MES software provider from Bavaria, was integrated into the GRÜN Group to GRÜN GQM Ltd rebranded. The previous companies GQM mbH and GQM System und Service GmbH were changed to the GRÜN GQM GmbH merged, which as a subsidiary of Aachener GRÜN Software Group the acquired the shares in December last year. The repositioning as GRÜN GQM is the next step in the change of shareholders at GQM that was initiated in 2022.

For the new consolidated GRÜN GQM was able to win over the previous management of the group, supplemented by new members. CEO and Managing Director of GRÜN GQM GmbH is the longstanding managing director of GQM mbH, Dr.-Ing. Johannes Schraml: "I'm happy about my new task, the successful path of the GRÜN GQM now in overall responsibility and with new opportunities in the environment of the whole GRÜN expand the group. In the group with 350 employees, in addition to continuity for our customers and employees, we can also use many synergies for the further development of our products". The management team is supplemented by three new company officers, Head of Development Michael Hafenmair, Head of Consulting Jens Höfner and Head of Sales Michael Reithmeier.

The location of the GRÜN GQM in Landshut as well as all contact persons and their known contact details will be retained.

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